Ram Vakkalanka


Ram Vakkalanka is a Sanskrit expert, Yoga philosopher, Sitar artist, Kirtan singer, Key note speaker and Meditation instructor. Ram shares his deep knowledge of Sanskrit, Vedic sciences and philosophy, Nada Yoga, Kirtan and Meditation through workshops, webinars, one-on-one sessions, lectures and talks as well as preservative media. So far, 16 CDs and one DVD of Ram’s works have been released, with a book on its way. Ram travels across the globe touching the lives of many people through his teachings. Ram’s writings are published in print and on-line and his talks are broadcast on Radio and TV. Toronto Yoga Conference and Show, Montreal Chant Festival, Global Mala Festival and Ananda Festival are some of the forums where audiences were enthralled by him.


Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga